Everything to be close

It caught me unprepared and I didn’t know what was it about until the end, but I didn’t care that it was a commercial spot. Maybe it was because the nostalgia that comes down on me once in a while, or because the colombian vistas, or maybe it was that song sung in that way, the fact is that I loved it. It is a gorgeous mini-movie that, by chance, ended up associated to a trademark.

And the song (originally by Celia Cruz) goes something like this:

I look for you lost in dreams,
the noise of the crowd wraps me in a veil.
I look for you flying in the sky,
the wind has swept you away like an old handkerchief.
And I do nothing else than search
known landscapes
in places so strange
that I cannot find you.

  • apoloduvalis

    Oh, yes,I love it too!
    It's surprisingly simple while quite touching. A beautiful example of how to say a lot with a few well used elements.

  • http://www.adapar.net/ adapar

    Indeed. That's how you tell a story.